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2016 Parade is being planned! Hope to see you at the parade!
2015 Parade occurred on May 16th. This website includes general and 2015 information about the parade.


 2015 Grand Marshals:

Chief Jim Band, OC Police Department


Chief Fred Charlton, Clakamas Fire Ditrict #1




2015 Junior Grand Marshal:

To Be Annouced

 2015 Theme:
Honoring Our First Responders
The Teddy Bear Parade one of Oregon City's signature events. It’s a one-hour processional over a 1.10 Mile route. The Teddy Bear Parade has been a community highlight for Oregon City and the entire county for the past 18 years. The Parade ends at the Pioneer Family Festival at Clackamette Park.The Teddy Bear Parade  gathers new teddy bears/stuffed animals that are given to law enforcement agencies, fire departments, emergency rooms, children’s hospitals and women’s shelters in Clackamas County. These stuffed animals are then distributed to children through out our community who need comfort in times of crisis. The parade is also a time for us to honor our community’s emergency personnel who protect the entire community. 

Parade Questions:

Email Doug Loose at dougwithtlc@msn.com


Text: Doug Loose (503) 595-5379
Call: Linda Kidd (503) 320-3440

18th Annual Teddy Bear Parade

Saturday, May 16, 2015

Check-in starts at 8:00 a.m.

Parade begins at 10:30 a.m. SHARP!


Parking and Drop-off: 

We recommend that participants that are not driving vehicles in the parade park or drop-off participants on the bluff and take the elevator down to the staging area. Parking will be almost impossible Downtown Oregon City.


Check-in Procedure and Staging Map:


Check-In Procedure:


  • Please have your group plan to meet you at your assigned staging area.  A staging manager will be available to direct individuals to your location if they are lost. 
  • Assign ONE representative of your group to check-in at the check-in booth at Liberty Plaza between 8th and 9th on Main Street.  You will receive your participant ribbons at this booth. 
  • When you return to your group, distribute ribbons to each participant to ensure each member of your group has a participant ribbon.
  • Enjoy the Parade!


Click PARADE STAGING MAP to Enlarge:


Click PARADE ROUTE MAP to Enlarge:

Parade Route and Bear Collection Info:


The parade is approximately 1.10 miles, is flat and easily traveled. The parade will begin at 10th and Main Street and continue down Main Street behind the Oregon City Shopping Center into Clackamette Park. All stuffed animals will be collected at the Park on the Main Stage. The Parade begins at 10th and Main Street and winds down Main Street and into Clackamette Park, where it begins the festivities at the Pioneer Family Festival.

Click PARADE ROUTE MAP (Clackamette Park) to Enlarge:

Teddy bear collection:

will take place at the Main Stage inside Clackamette Park. The entire parade will enter Clackamette Park through the Main Gate, past the Skate Park going straight towards the Carnival and Boat Ramp Area. When the parade passes the restrooms it will take a left through the park road where the yellow stanchions are normally.  The Parade will go behind the last row of vendors along the Clackamas River side of the park, heading west through the vendor parking area. The Parade will continue to the end of the Vendors and take a left through the white gate. This will take the parade past the front of the stage area where Teddy Bear will be collected. Parade will then disband in the grass beyond the pony rides. There will be Parade Disband signs to designate the area. After the parade disbands, participant vehicles may go through the white gate on the RV Park side and take a left to head back towards the main gate of the Park.





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